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Podiatry Eindhoven

Aching feet, knees, back, or hips? Problems with your skin or nails? Stadspodotherapie is happy to help you get rid of your symptoms as quickly and professionally as possible. See what podiatry can do for you.



Sore feet, knees, back, hips, skin and nail problems. See which complaints we can help you with.



Podiatry for children offers a solution to many physical complaints. Especially with (young) children.



Do you experience acute or chronic sports injuries? We are happy to restore your freedom of movement.



We specialise in podiatry for the treatment of (complicated) diabetic feet.

Who are Stadspodotherapie?

We are a podiatry practice, located in Eindhoven, called Stadspodotherapie.

If you experience painful feet, toes, ankles, knees, hips or back, you naturally want to get rid of the pain as soon as possible. At Stadspodotherapie, we think it is important that your complaints are carefully examined. With a lot of personal attention and offering the right therapy and treatment, we strive for a situation in which you can move again without having any pain.

We do this, for example, by measuring insoles or relieving a corn or an ingrown toenail.

A personal approach is important to us. Therefore, we listen carefully to your complaints. This means that extensive research is always done, and your wishes and personal situation are taken into account.

Even if you don’t speak Dutch, we are happy to help you!




Frequently Asked Questions

When do I go to a podiatrist? What is the difference between physiotherapy and podiatry? Do I need a referral from my doctor? Is podiatry covered by my health insurance?

You will find these, and more questions (and answers) in our FAQ. Is your question not listed? Then contact us. We are happy to help you!

Why choose Stadspodotherapie Eindhoven

Stadspodotherapie is a well-known practice in Eindhoven and the surrounding area. We have already helped more than 800 clients to walk pain free. However, not everyone with foot, toe, ankle, heel, knee, hip or back problems immediately goes to a podiatrist.

That’s a pity, because we know from experience that we can often already help our clients during the first consultation.

Stadspodotherapie works at a high and expert level. You can expect quality, professionalism, care and expertise from us.

In addition, we value personal attention. We really take the time to analyse your pain complaints and situation. We use the latest technologies and most modern equipment.

We strive for a situation where our clients can move free of pain and complaints.

Our method

Every podiatric treatment starts with an examination of your pain complaints. We really take the time to listen to your situation. Then we conduct an examination and look closely at the movement of your joints, where the pain is and how you stand and walk. At the end of the examination, we have enough information to make the diagnosis, after which we discuss further treatments with you. When the research shows that insoles can solve or reduce your complaints, we also make a 3D print of your feet.

What are insoles and how can they solve or reduce my complaints?

Custom-made insoles

Good insoles ensure that your feet get the right support, so that you can walk and move again without having any pain. The best results are achieved when the insoles are fully adjusted to your feet and your shoes. That is why, at Stadspodotherapie, we make custom-made soles to ensure that your complaints are reduced and that they fit flawlessly into your favourite shoes.

Insoles can solve many different types of pain. The most obvious complaints are foot pain, flat feet or sagging feet. The insoles of Stadspodotherapie offer more than just support. They also correct the posture of the body. As a result, they also solve other complaints such as pain in the feet, toes, heels, ankles, knees, hips, and back.



Here we provide an up-to-date overview of our prices. Your supplementary health insurance company will cover a part or the total of the costs for podiatry. You can look it up in our contract with the health insurance company.

If you have Dutch health insurance, we will take care of reimbursement for you. You will only receive a bill for the amount that is not reimbursed.

Different rates may apply for diabetes (diabetes mellitus). These depend on the severity of your diabetes and our contract with your health insurance. For more information, we recommend that you contact us.

Pricing for our services

Intake by phone

  • Are you not yet familiar with podiatry and/or do you want to know whether podiatry can remedy or reduce your complaints? Please contact us by telephone for an initial intake or informative introduction.

First consultation

  • We will start with an anamnesis (interview) in which we discuss your complaints and medical history. This is followed by an extensive research to see what we can do for you and how we are going to treat your complaints.

Follow-up consultation

  • In a follow-up consultation we will discuss how your complaints are developing and we will ensure that the treatment remains optimal. For example, we can measure new insoles when the old ones are worn out.

Additional research

For insoles (therapy)

  • If the consult shows that you need insoles, we will ensure that the manufacturing, modelling, fitting, finishing and checking of the insoles, is done with great care. So the bespoke insoles are optimised for your situation. We will charge the extra time spent.

Control / Brief consultation

(15 min)

  • Do you have a short question? Or do you want to know whether your insoles or toe piece (orthosis) are still working optimally? We are happy to help you during this short consultation.

Instrumental treatment

(30 min)

  • We do solve skin and nail problems during an instrumental treatment. For example, removing a corn or treating an ingrown toenail.

The above rates are exempt from VAT. We would like to point out that our general terms and conditions (Dutch) apply to all our services. These rates apply from 1 March 2023 onwards.

If you have any other questions about our services or pricing, feel free to contact us via our contact form or give us a phone call.

Book an appointment or contact us

If you experience pain or if you have any questions, please contact us. You can contact us directly via phone or by sending an email. You can also directly book a first consultation appointment via our online booking page, however this is only in Dutch.

Call us

Call us if you want to book an appointment or if you have questions about our services.
+31 (0)6 418 620 89

Send Email

You can also email us to book your appointment or to ask a question about our services. m.trompetter@stadspodo.nl.

Book Online

We have an easy online module (only in Dutch) to see the available timeframes per day in order to book your appointment.

Where to find us?

Stadspodotherapie has four locations in Eindhoven in and near the city centre which are easy to reach. We work by appointment, which you can make via the button

Location Stratum

St. Lidwinastraat 6
5643 RS Eindhoven

Location Tongelre

Ceramlaan 12
5641 GD Eindhoven

Location Centrum

Willemstraat 22
5611 HD Eindhoven

Location De Akkers

Generaal Cronjéstraat 1
5642 MH Eindhoven